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Do you play weddings?

It depends. Your wedding day is a special day for you and we want everything to go right, including the entertainment. When you are choosing your entertainment there are several things to consider. Please give us a call and we can discuss the specifics. If we feel a DJ or a different band would be better for your guests or venue, we will tell you.

Do you guys have a CD for sale?

Uhh, no! We play covers. If you want to hear the songs we play, you can purchase the song or album by the original artist.

How did you guys pick the name "Odd Man Out"?

Funny you should ask. It was a tight race between "Odd Man Out" and "Three Joes and a Hoe", unfortunately Saird vetoed the latter choice. Honestly, we wrote a different word onto several thousand tiny pieces of paper. We threw them all in a large drum and mixed them up. Grim reached in and Odd Man Out were the first three words to come out.

How do you pick the songs that you play?

Simple. We try to pick songs that appeal to women.

The logic is that if we play songs that women like, they will come to our shows. The guys will generally show up stick around and have a good time even if they hate what we play, just because the women are there!

If we turned that around and tried to play songs that generally appeal to guys, women will go somewhere else and the guys will follow.

So we end up playing a little bit of everything, classic rock , 80's, country, current top 40, etc. etc.

Why do you only let girls dance on stage?


  1. Guys aren't that fun for us to dance with.

  2. Guys wreck more stuff than girls when they're drunk.                 

  3. Not too many people want to watch Guys dance either.

Is this the only job you have?

No, we mostly only play on weekends and we all work somewhat regular jobs.


  • Neil K. is a Xerox Technician in Yorkton.                 

  • Saird works for a law firm in Yorkton.                

  • Jay works in construction in Regina.                  

  • Neil O is a partner in Ottenbreit's Meats, Home of the "Grayson Sausage".

How far do you travel?
Why do you guys need all that gear?

One of us has been to Mexico once. Does that count? Seriously, we will travel as far as we can get after work on Fridays. Call us if the gig sounds exciting we might be able to make an exception.

We're compensating for something. Honestly, we don't "need" it but we like to give our customers value for their money. We carry a state of the art intelligent lighting system and a high quality sound system. If we can fit it in your venue we will bring it all in.

Who does your booking?

We do most of the booking for the band ourselves.

Do you own all that equipment that you use?
How come you call Neil K., "Grim"?
Is the drummer single?

Yes, we are in partnership with the local Credit Union.

Because there's only room for one Neil in this band.

This information is highly classified. So you will have to come to one of our gigs to find out.

I was searching on the internet and I found a band in the US with the name "Odd Man Out"!
Can me and my buddy come up and play with you guys? We're awesome!
Anything else?

Yeah, we know. What a bunch of bums. You think they could come up with a better name than that. We heard they are pretty good, maybe we'll check them out one day.

Unfortunately no. At 1:30 in the morning we have no way of knowing if you actually know how to play or if you are just some drunk who thinks REMO makes real good drums.

Meet us at the next party and buy us a drink. We'd really like to meet you and we'll talk then. Hope to see you soon!

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